How do you start your morning?  Press snooze too many times…rush around the house to get ready…jump in the care already stressed before you even start your day?

How do you feel sitting at your desk in the morning?  Back aches? Knees sore? Neck tight? Tension headache coming on?

What if I told you that you could not only decrease your stress, but also drastically help the way you FEEL in the mornings just by implementing a simple 5-10 minute corrective/stretching routine?

Check out this video with 8 simple exercises and stretches I’ve put together for you to help you to improve your posture, activate your core, relax your tight achy muscles, and CRUSH your morning!  

This entire routine can be done at home and with no equipment necessary!

Check below to view a video demonstration of my “10 Minute Stretch for Success”!  Below the video you will find details of how many repetitions I would recommend for each exercise as well!


1)      Runner’s Lunges on each leg (8 reps each side)

2)      Double leg bridge with 3 second pause (10 reps)

3)      Bird dogs (4 reps each side with a 4 second pause)

4)      Bent over thoracic spine rotations (5 reps each side)

5)      Doorway Slides (10 reps)

6)      Toe Touch Squat to Stand (5 reps)

7)      Alternating leg cradles  (5 reps each side)

8)      2-way neck stretch (20 second hold each position)

*The KEY to maximizing the efficiency of this routine is to TAKE YOUR TIME …AND BREATHE!!*  Focus on taking slow, deep, meaningful breaths while you go through each exercise.  This will not only allow for you to achieve a deeper stretch, but also work WONDERS in getting your mind focused and ready to take on your day! 

The second piece is that you have to be CONSISTENT.  Do this EVERY day, not just on the days you wake up sore or achy.  And please don’t tell me you don’t have 10 minutes.  Whether that means cutting out 2 rounds of snooze on your alarm, not watching highlights on Sports Center, or avoiding the ever popular time-killer FACEBOOK – I can promise you this will be 10 minutes WELL SPENT!

***IF you’re looking to make some changes to your body composition, then combine this daily morning routine with 2-3 days of a strength training program (PLUS a solid nutrition plan), and be prepared to look AND feel the best you EVER felt in your life.  If you’re not quite sure how to do this on your own, click the button at the bottom of this post to learn more about our 30-Day Test Drive Program!***  

Please let us know if you have any questions!



**P.S.  If you are looking for a more customized plan to start feeling and moving better on a daily basis please give us a call at 239-596-6200 or email us as!  We would love to meet with you and put together a plan just for YOU!**


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