“Choose HEALTH, not FEAR”

I’ve decided to embrace this theme for FFC for the remainder of 2021, because it is absolutely CRITICAL in these crazy times.

Of course we ALL know the status of Covid, its numerous seemingly resistance variants, and the dangers associated with them at this point…(Please note that this is NOT another “scare-filled” letter written to increase your stress and anxiety. The media is doing enough of that! Keep reading…)

We also all know that Covid needs to be taken very seriously. BUT, I’m not here to offer medical advice (or opinions) on vaccinations, masks, quarantine, etc…(These are personal medical issues and should be discussed with your preferred medical professional of choice.)

The issue I have with the media right now is the relentless “push for panic” and fear that is leaving so many people scared and feeling helpless.

tonik-hAZ3TNzQP6w-unsplash You are NOT helpless.

While the negativity, fear, and disaster theme is what the news has built its reputation on, this constant focus on stress and fear can actually directly impact viewers (our) immune systems in a very negative way.

I thought this was a very impactful statement by Dr. Alane K. Daugherty on psycologytoday.com…

“When stress, anxiety, worry, overwhelm, and depression are left unchecked they actually reduce the effectiveness of your immune system and make you, and those around you much more susceptible to getting sick. When your immune system is challenged you are more likely to contract and spread a circulating virus and expose those around you, your communities, and our global population.”

You may not have control of Covid, but you DO have control of your own body. Whether you choose to vax/mask or not, the facts remain the same…Your body’s ability to fight off disease is dependent on your IMMUNE SYSTEM (and there are SO many steps you can take to supercharge it!)

So instead of playing this horrible game of “wait and see”, why not take IMMEDIATE action where you can to build a stronger, more resilient, healthy body ready to take on any viral attack if necessary!

Refocus your energy AWAY from the fear, and towards controllable steps towards creating a healthier internal system:

1)Eat Whole Foods (ditch the junk, fast food, and packages)
2)Eat more veggies (more nutrients = greater immunity!)
3)Exercise at MINIMUM 30 minutes of moderate exercise 5 DAYS/week
4)Practice stress management techniques
5)Incorporate quality immune system boosting supplements
6)Get 7-9 hours of sleep every night to recharge your immune system
7)Spend more time OUTSIDE

pic for blog backIf you were going in to “battle” you would want to have all the training, weapons, and experience necessary to stack the cards in your favor right?

Well think of each of these areas as another opportunity to sharpen your body’s “skill” of “virus combat”. Get on the OFFENSE, instead of waiting to play Defense.

This is exactly how you Choose HEALTH, not FEAR.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help!!


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