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“Stop measuring days by degree of productivity and start experiencing by degree of presence.” – Alan Watts


Sue (one of our amazing trainers, if you don’t already know her! 😉) shared this quote with me last week, and it really resonated with me. (And I hope with you as well!)


I also think it aligns perfectly with our theme of “Choosing Health” for the remainder of 2021.


TrophyAs a business owner, busy mom, fitness fanatic, and self-confessed “Type-A personality”…I am certainly guilty of having that constant “I need to win” personality. Not just when I compete in races (yes, I REALLY REALLY like to win ;-P), but in ALL aspects of my life. I apply this competitive streak to the volume of work I can get done in a day, chores I can do around the house, my workouts, etc… Why? It’s that competitive nature…that feeling of exhausted accomplishment I get when I lay down in bed and mentally list off how much I was able to squeeze in a day.


I’m telling you this, because I know many of you (our members/readers) have this same mentality, which is certainly a major player in how you’ve been able to achieve the successes that you have in your life! You must have drive to succeed! However, you simply can’t maintain 500 miles per hour forever. And, if you attempt to do this for too long, I promise you, there are parts of your life that you WILL miss out on (as well as other negative consequences).


When you are constantly pushing at full capacity, life has a way of just dragging you along for the ride. Sure, you might check 50 things off your to-do list, but at what cost? Often the negative impacts are aimed directly at your mental or physical HEALTH.


This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice success for health. But there needs to be a focus on “balance” (I know, I know – cue the eye roll) if you want to achieve and maintain both! Unfortunately, I feel like the term “balance” has earned itself a bad rep, because well…is there really a way to perfectly “balance” your life? Of course not. You cannot control every aspect of your life.


However, taking over what you CAN control (re-gaining PRESENCE) and focusing your efforts towards creating a BETTER balance will certainly yield great results.


MindfullnessHere are a few things you can do to help increase “presence”:


  1. Mindful breathing (check out last week’s blog if you missed it!)
  2. Create schedules and routines
  3. Do a body scan meditation (Here’s a link to a Beginner’s Body Scan Meditation)
  4. Practice slow, mindful eating
  5. Take a pause from screen time
  6. Take breaks from work and go outside
  7. Be an active listener (and not too quick to reply) in conversations with others
  8. PLAY with your kids, grandkids, or pets


The added bonus? Incorporating focus on “presence” also involves lowering stress levels.


Lowering stress = lower Cortisol levels = easier to lose weight/keep weight off (as well as many other health benefits)!


Additionally, when practicing presence you become more clear-minded and focused in your thoughts, which can increase your efficiency in productivity (without the negative impacts of over-working)! See? You still get to WIN! 😊




You only get “now” once!


Dedicated to your success,



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