Hopefully you were able to catch my last message about “Choosing Health, Not Fear”! We are laser focused on this theme at FFC throughout the remainder of this year, as I believe it is absolutely imperative that this “re-direct” HAS to happen (you can check out the blog here if you missed it).


Building on that concept I wanted to touch on what I believe to be the most simple and effective way to calm your daily STRESS (seeing how stress plays a MAJOR impact on the body’s ability to fight disease, as well as lose weight).




Breathe Sign


Whether you feel stressed from the worry of you or a loved one getting sick, stressed from lack of work or being over-worked as a result of the big “C”, or just swimming in the overwhelm of every-day life…Incorporating regular DAILY focused breathing techniques can (and WILL) provide immediate positive results.


There are countless apps, youtube videos, podcasts, and so much more easily accessible material online that provides various guided breathing techniques. However, if you’re not already using something like this in your daily routine, then the likelihood of you doing something quite so structured immediately is relatively low. You need to start short and simple, and slowly build up to dedicating more time to this practice.


Incorporating focused breathing in your daily routine can not only help lower your stress, but also help you to become more organized and efficient as you clear out the negative “noise” clouding your thoughts.


So, here are 2 super simple focused breathing techniques you could start with TODAY at any moment you feel like you need to press pause, and re-gain control of YOU.


1)“Belly” Breathing

You can do this seated in a chair, but I highly recommend laying flat on your back on the floor if possible for better results. Place one hand on your belly around the height of your belly button, and the other hand on the side of your rib cage. Slowly inhale through your nose and focus on a deep breath that fills your lungs so much that you feel the expansion in both your rib cage and belly (moving both of your hands outwards). Once you have reached the full capacity of your inhale, slowly exhale through a small hole in your mouth as you feel both the rib cage and belly return to their resting state.



2)“Timed” Breathing

While you may google tons of varying opinions on the best “rhythm” for timed breathing exercises, when you are getting started the goal is simply to use the count of your inhale and exhale as your focal point (pulling your focus AWAY from your stressors for the time-being). I think a great place to start is a “5 – Pause – 5 – Pause” pattern. So, a 5 second inhale, followed by a brief pause, then a 5 second exhale, followed by another brief pause. Repeat this pattern breathing IN through the nose, and exhaling OUT through either the nose or a small hole in the mouth. You can play with increasing the length of the inhale/exhale as you continue to relax and improve upon your body’s ability to breathe deeply.


InhalesSo now I’m sure you are thinking…Sure this sounds great, but I’m TOO busy! How long do I need to do this? And how often?


Simple…as long and as frequently as you can consistently commit to! Key word – COMMIT! You HAVE to make this a priority or you’ll never do it. The good news is EVERY little bit helps, so you don’t have to commit to 30 minutes right out the gait to reap the benefits!


Look ahead at your calendar…Schedule it…Set an Alarm…AND set a Timer!

What do you think would work best for you? 5 Minutes before you eat lunch? Two separate 3 minute breaks (one mid-morning and one mid-afternoon)? Decide on how you want to structure a breathing routine in to your day, and commit to that plan.



I don’t care what position you hold in your company, how busy you are, or how long your “to-do” list is…You CAN find 5-6 minutes total in your day to stop and reward your body with a little self care! 😊


Sometimes life can feel like it’s dragging you along and you are just hanging on for the ride. However, your breath is something you ALWAYS have control over.
Utilize this amazing tool you already have readily accessible to you to help strengthen your body and mind.


Please let me know if you have any questions!


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