One thing I learned a long time ago playing sports my whole life from some of my top coaches was that my success or the team’s success comes down to practicing the fundamentals.

I remember thinking yeah that’s great but I just want to shoot the ball in the basket or hit the ball for a hit. But once I got bought into the process of practicing the fundamentals everything else fell into place. Instead of trying to do some fancy backhanded play at short stop or some funky layup I stuck with basics and made the play or shot. But when I tried to get “fancy” is when I screwed things up.

This analogy can be compared to our health and fitness plans. Are you doing the fundamentals? Most people want the big sexy workout or new sexy diet. The funny thing is that they haven’t even stuck to a simple plan yet.

Are you drinking ½ your bodyweight in ounces of water? Are you taking a multi vitamin and fish oil every day? No? Then why are we talking about a new diet? If you can’t do those 2 simple things every day you are wasting your time with everything else. The same goes for working out but on a different level for me. For me the question is do you move every day? What I mean here is do you at least go for a 10 minute walk daily or stand at your desk instead of sit for 10 hours? I always laugh when someone commits to working out 3 days per week for an hour but literally does not move for the other 4 days.

These are the fundamentals. If you can’t nail down these simple habits you are wasting your time with everything else. Don’t talk to me about what “diet” you should be on, drink 80 ounces of water 7 days a week for a month and we will talk. Make sure you get activity every day and then talk to me about what your workout should be.

This is one of the reasons people fail on new diets and workout programs. They try and tackle the more advanced part of what it takes without a sold base of the fundamental habits to make it easier to fit in the new program.

This is what leads to what I call shiny object syndrome. Someone who does not have the fundaments down and they start a fitness program and get no results because they don’t do the little things that lead to success. From here they go to the next hottest “workout or nutrition” program and fail again.

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