There are many differences that set FFC apart from most other personal training club and fitness facilities, but it is our unique client programming that remains un-matched by the competition. Unlike most trainers who just do “workouts,” we take a fully systemized approach to each client that we train. When designing a client’s program, we take into account a number of key elements, including:

  • Goals
  • Health history
  • Lifestyle
  • Nutrition
  • Functional Movement Screen (our physical screening process)
  • Overall functional capacity

By focusing on each of these key factors in designing our individualized personal training programs, we are able to create a specific plan of action to ensure the success of our clients. The systematic approach we apply to our exercise program design allows for consistent progression over the life of the program.

The unique periodization techniques we apply to our programs constantly challenges the body, ensuring that results are achieved.Another aspect which is unique to FFC is the “team approach” we take to helping our clients achieve their goals. Each client’s individual program is created by our “Program Design Specialist,” however every FFC client receives the training, knowledge, and support of our entire team of fitness experts. Our only two areas of focus remain strictly on the client and the program, never “the trainer” or the “workout of the day.”

With the combination of our specialized program design process and the unique team approach we take to training, we are confident in guaranteeing results to those who embrace the “FFC way of life.”


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