There are 2 ways to go about making changes in your health and fitness. There is the slow way and the fast way.

The slow way is to implement small changes daily and make sure they stick. There is nothing wrong with this approach, and I have used it quite effectively with clients over the years.

The fast way is by doing what I call “Immersion”. This means going all in full throttle and not looking back. There is a secret for this to work. You need a solid DAILY support system.

16518264_mIt’s important to understand that losing fat and feeling great takes more than just showing up to the gym 3x per week or going on a diet. This is where people really miss the point. If you truly want to transform it takes daily effort making sure the big things (working out, eating right), and the little things (moving, supportive habits) get done day in and day out.

Let me give you an example of each so you can see how big a difference there is between the 2 approaches.

An example of the slow way would be taking 1-2 things and making sure they stick. So let’s say drinking 70 ounces of water and getting 10,000 steps per day are 2 habits you are going to implement. These are 2 GREAT habits that will help you lose weight and get healthy. Once you have nailed these for 14-30 days, you would then add something else in like nutrition or working out. Over time this will absolutely get you results, but it will take you anywhere from 3-6 months to see significant improvements.

The fast way to fat loss and success will get you dramatic results in 6 weeks or less.  This program involves a complete and immediate overhaul of your nutrition, strength training, metabolic conditioning, mobility work, AND mindset.  However, the key to this program’s success is DAILY support and accountability throughout the ENTIRE 6 weeks. For example, you would work IN THE GYM with a coach 6 days per week. Now don’t panic, this is not an insanity workout program where you beat the crap out of yourself in the gym. That is not the point AT ALL.

slide-girl-plankBUT, when you get in the habit of strength training and doing metabolic resistance training on a daily basis 2 things happen:

  1. You get awesome results
  2. It becomes a habit in half the time it would normally take.

We also combine your physical training with High Performance coaching and nutrition coaching to make sure you’re getting the fastest results possible.

So what exactly IS High Performance coaching and nutrition coaching?

There is a lot that goes into High performance coaching, but in a nutshell it is setting up a framework of goal setting, positive daily habits, the right mindset training, and much more. This is then combined with daily accountability to make all of that happen.

Nutrition coaching is finding out exactly what YOU need to lose fat, feel great and have tons of energy. This includes finding the right calories, macro-nutrients (proteins, Fats, carbs), portions, and types of food that will get you there. Once this is set a daily plan is created that’s easy to follow.

When you get daily coaching in all areas of fitness, nutrition, mindset, and habits YOU CAN’T LOSE.

This is why we call it “Immersion”.  You are supported constantly with DAILY email tips and DAILY text accountability to make sure it’s easy for you to stay on track.

So in short, the “fast way” looks like this:

-3 days of strength training

-2 days of individual metabolic conditioning combined with specific mobility work

-1 day of HIIT (high intensity interval training)

-1 weekly high performance coaching session (nutrition and lifestyle)

-Daily accountability text

-Daily email tip

-Unlimited email support

A coach supports all of the above. The proper program combined with unlimited coaching sets you up for the fastest way to fat loss and performance.

Either way will work if you commit to the process, but the immersion version is the fastest way to results and also the easiest to stick with. After six weeks of immersion training it is MUCH easier to make all your progress stick.

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