Do you ever wake up in the morning feeling like that… “I just CAN’T?”


…Especially when it’s your morning to hit the gym?


Or maybe when you get off from a long, stressful day at work?


Does the gym literally sound like the LAST place you would rather be?


I get it.


YUP!  I said it.  I am a gym owner, personal trainer, and coach…and sometimes…






Or as my three year old would say, “I CAN’T want to!”


I bet you think personal trainers just spring out of bed in the mornings doing push-ups, burpees, and lunges right?


Ha! If only it worked that way…Trainers are human too! 😛


But here’s the thing…Just because sometime you FEEL like “You just can’t”, doesn’t mean that you should completely blow it off!


When it comes to improving fitness (whether it’s body composition change OR performance), the key is CONSISTENCY.


So maybe EVERY workout you complete isn’t your BEST?  Maybe some days you literally drag yourself to the gym feeling exceptionally low in energy/motivation…but you still GET IT DONE.


Who cares?  You’re not trying to “win” a strength training session or a morning run right?  No one is going to shame you if you don’t increase your weights or cut time on your mile.


Let’s be honest, I’d be willing to bet that LESS than 15% of your workouts are actually 100% YOUR BEST.


I’m talking about those Personal Record CRUSHING workouts where you feel like some magical combination of the HULK and THE FLASH have taken over your body for an hour…When your food has been ON POINT for weeks, you’re sleeping like a baby, sucking down gallons of water, managing your stress like a seasoned “yogi”…


man holding two dumbbells and big chain on neck



OK yea I know this sounds a bit like a fairy tail.  BUT, once in a while you DO hit a workout harder, reach new AMAZING personal records , and even surprise yourself with what you were able to achieve.  THESE are your BEST workouts!



However, you don’t have to expect these exceptional results EVERY time you workout, and you certainly should not AVOID “showing up” just because you know you’re not able to perform at your BEST.


Some days you WILL be lacking sleep, tackling emotional obstacles, stressed from a crappy day at work, or at your wit’s end with your kids – THIS IS LIFE.


However, if you want to achieve success just simply be sure to do these two things for me…


#1 – SHOW UP (EVEN when you don’t WANT to ) **Of course, being sick is an exception!**


#2 – Give the BEST that you have THAT DAY (even if it’s not your ACTUAL best)


One thing I can assure you is that you will finish your workout feeling BETTER than when you started, and PROUD that you were able to push through on a “not-so-awesome-day”.


If you show up consistently (both IN the gym AND with your nutrition), you WILL see progress.




Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help!

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