So this morning I was listening to a podcast that brought up a concept that really got my gears churning.The Podcast I was listening to is called “Morning Motivation”. I jump around with podcast topics, but always try to focus on trying to get one solid take-away from each episode I listen to.

During this podcast they were reviewing a very commonly known book titled The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (a must-read if you haven’t already!)

circleThe big take-away that grabbed me today occurred when they touched on the topic of Circle of Concern vs. Circle of Influence.(Stick with me, I’m going to explain AND give you the “cliff notes” version with a little healthy twist. :-D!)

While they used examples pertaining to business, I’m going to relate this to health and fitness (but of course 😉 ) We’re going to stick with examples involving the “king” of fitness goals – WEIGHT LOSS.

In the episode they mention a simple way to make sure you separate areas of focus between Concern and Influence using the “Have and Be Rule”.

Areas OUTSIDE your circle of influence typically start with “Have or Had” statements like:

  • If I HAD more time for the gym, then I would finally lose this extra weight.

  • If only I could HAVE a different body type (faster metabolism), then it wouldn’t be so hard to keep off the weight.

  • If I HAD a spouse who was more supportive of my weight-loss goals I wouldn’t get derailed as frequently.

Adding more hours to the day, swapping body types, and instilling more support in your spouse are unfortunately not areas you have direct control over. Focusing your attention on areas such as these (and other “have/had” statements), will only hold you back from achieving your goals. Often statements such as these become popular excuses that people will hold on to as reasons why they simply “Can’t” move forward.

Instead, you need to focus all of your attention and efforts on controllable areas WITHIN your circle of influence.These can be found in “BE” statements.

  • I will BE more organized and efficient with my time, scheduling in necessary exercise every week to reach my weight loss goals.

  • I will BE proactive in learning the best ways to fuel my specific body type to effectively and sustainably lose weight.

  • I will BE diligent in finding a support group of friends, exercise buddies, and coaches that all hold me accountable and encourage me to reach my goals.

Our time and resources are valuable. Don’t waste your time getting discouraged and feeling stuck unsuccessfully trying to change areas outside your Circle of Influence.

Become laser-focused on what you CAN change, and you might even shock yourself with how fast you can get there!


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