Oh Carbs…They get such a bad rap in the nutrition world!


With “Keto” being all the rage right now, carbs seem to almost have become a “dirty word” when it comes to nutrition.


But, are they really THAT bad?


Is “cutting carbs” REALLY the key to fat loss?


I will do my best not to rant too long about the “Keto Diet” (extremely low to no carbohydrate/high fat diet), but if you want my 2 cents… I truly don’t feel that this diet is wise for the vast majority of the population.Yes, there are some individuals who achieve great success with Keto (especially when prescribed and monitored by a medical authority), but if just decide to “go keto” on a whim you could risk causing some pretty serious health complications without the proper knowledge.


When the average person attempts keto (usually after reading an article online about this being the “secret to fat-loss”), they typically “go hard” for a week or two, then end up somewhere in the grey area calling themselves “kinda keto”.(Which completely negates the fat-burning effects of “ketosis”.) Why do people end up here?Because, making the decision to strictly keep carbohydrates below 20 grams/day indefinitely is HARD.


  • 1 Banana = 27 grams

  • 2 Pieces of bread = 30+ grams

  • ½ Cup of white rice = 25 grams

  • 1 Whole wheat tortilla = 30-40grams

Potatoes, most desserts, a single margherita…Forget it.


See where I’m going with this? It’s WAY too easy to “cheat” on keto.


standing on scaleThe keto “Diet” is exactly that….A “DIET”. And “Diets” always have an end. So, what happens when you are “done dieting”? You add carbs back in because you just can’t handle feeling deprived for the rest of your life, and then all the weight comes back with vengeance.


So instead of running in circles, “yo-yo-ing”, and following the latest fads in the nutrition world…


Embrace the truth…

Carbs can be your FRIEND – Not your Enemy😊


BUT, you need to be “CARB-SMART”.


Our bodies NEED carbs. Carbs are an energy source, and our bodies need this energy to function (especially if you are exercising!).


If you’re looking to lose weight, an easy way to “plan” your carbs, is to incorporate your carbs into the parts of your day when you will be expending the MOST energy. Eat carbs before/after workouts, long busy mornings on your feet, or even just on the DAYS you work out if you want to get fancy (this is called carb-rotating). Sitting on your butt all day vegging out to Netflix? – Not a good day to go carb-crazy 😉.


Carb PortionsHow about portions? PORTIONS MATTER! An easy rule of thumb is to stay with a portion that you can fit in a “cupped hand” (YOUR cupped hand – 1 for ladies and 2 for men).


Now here comes the kicker… You need to stick with “CLEAN” carbs if you want to be successful. (So, eating a piece of chocolate cake before your workout is NOT where I’m going with this…)


“Clean” Carb Options would be things like…

  • Fruit

  • Whole Grains (not a processed product saying it’s “made from whole grains”)

  • Potatoes

  • Beans/Legumes

Just remember, Carbs are not your enemy!

You simply need to eat..

  • the right kinds

  • in the right amounts

  • at the right time

Still have questions? If you are still suffering from “carb confusion”, please don’t hesitate to respond and reach out!



Mara Gamble (owner)

[email protected]


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