Over the years I have worked as a personal trainer/fitness coach, I have been blessed to have the opportunity to work with quite a few business experts and “finance-savvy” individuals in the club.


I also consider myself a “life-time learner”, and will take any opportunity I can to absorb the knowledge and experiences of others who have achieved success in their careers.


The other day at the club we were talking about investments, the varying levels of risk involved, and how critical it is to have investments in place to secure a sound financial future. This is certainly NOT my area of expertise, so my ears really perked up.


Don’t worry though, after a few training sessions in the club I still don’t consider myself an investment-guru, so I won’t even attempt to drop financial knowledge on you at this time. 😉


However, it did really get me thinking about future building, and investments a bit more.


I do believe there is one type of investment you MUST not forget, or no matter HOW much money you saved up, acquired in interest, or earned through trading stocks – you STILL will not be able to fully enjoy the fruits of your labor.


What investment is that?






Because, YOU are your most valuable asset! Your health has a direct affect on your quality of work, and the level at which you are able to be there for the people you care about the most.


Let me put it this way…


If you are constantly tired, sick, hurting, stressed to the max, or just feel weak…



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• What kind of business owner, leader, or employee do you think you’ll be?


• How much energy will you have to bring home to your kids to play or simply be the example of the loving, hard-working, and nurturing parent (or grandparent) you want to be?


• What kind of partner, or spouse will you be with what little “left-overs” you have after you’ve poured everything else in to work and the kids?


• How strong can you stand for your closest friends when they are struggling and need you the most?


When you are not at your best physically and mentally, you can only spread yourself so thin.


You may have aspirations to be a super-star in your career, and as a parent/spouse/friend, but you will be limited if you haven’t taken the time to invest in being a healthier, stronger, more productive version of YOU!


The good news is, this is a LOW risk – HIGH return type of investment! If we were talking money, this would be a “no-brainer” right? So why not invest in a SURE THING…the one investment that will guarantee you a better QUALITY of life.


Here are 5 strategies I would focus on if you want to start making this investment now, and setting yourself up for greater success in ALL areas of your life:


21976515 - successful couple of young athletes raising arms to golden summer sunset sky after training fitness man and woman with arms up celebrating sport goals after exercising in countryside field

1. SLEEP – Aim for 6-8 hours each night, and try to be in bed by 10:00pm

2. Eat REAL food – “Shop the Perimeter” in the grocery store – Choose fresh, not processed.

3. Movement – Strength train 2-3x’s week and work towards achieving 10k steps each day

4. Manage Stress – Implement strategies that work for YOU (meditate, yoga, art, music…)

5. Play/Laugh – Schedule in things that you ENJOY, LAUGH more, be SILLY, enjoy your life (we don’t get re-do’s)!


Remember, if you want to excel in your career, be a loving spouse, an example parent, the best of friends, and basically CRUSH life all-together – then you have to make the investment to be the very best version of YOU than you can be!


If you need help working on any of these 5 areas, or just want to chat about leveling up please don’t hesitate to ask! 🙂


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