This morning I was actually working my way through some notes I took at my last business conference, and the one I took below from our fearless leader Pat Rigsby really stuck out to me.



“Leaders Make Decisions”


No he’s not the first person to ever say this, but it really struck me because it is a powerful message that relates to multiple facets of our lives.


Of course in the context we were discussing, he was applying this to the confident decision making skills that business owners must encompass to achieve growth and success. Indecisiveness can be crippling when it comes to business success (a lesson I have learned over and over again as I stepped in to business ownership).


You have to be willing to make decisions…sometimes BOLD, sometimes questionable, sometimes CRAZY, and sometimes they will FLOP. BUT, it is the willingness to go out on the limb, try something NEW and dare to be different that sets LEADERS apart from the FOLLOWERS (or successful businesses from the failures).


There is a direct correlation between this concept of leadership with health & fitness success as well!!


While I believe there is definitely a notable growing movement in wellness, truly living a “healthy lifestyle” is certainly not the norm in our society today. No I don’t mean just buying a membership to a big gym that you never use… eating a salad every now and then… going on a week-long “diet” once or twice a year… or taking the latest and greatest “superfood” protein supplement on the market.


When I say living a healthy lifestyle, I’m talking about fully embracing a sustainable LIFE-LONG commitment to fueling your body with nutritious food, exercising regularly, and discovering ways to tackle stress and mental health.


THIS is not the “norm”, and those who decide to commit to this journey must be willing to make decisions that set them apart from even their closest family and friends.


SOMEBODY going to decide FOR you if YOU don’t decide for yourself.


Unless you are blessed to be surrounded solely by health and fitness fanatics in every aspect of your life, there is strong possibility that there are at least some (if not most) of your “inner circle” who’s goals and actions will not align with your own health and fitness success.


This is where you have to make the decision to LEAD or to FOLLOW.


I’m sure you can guess which of the two positions I would urge you to take! 😉


ONE of these will lead to a happier, more fulfilling, confident, energy-filled life.


However, you must have clear GOALS defined, and all of the necessary action steps set in place. Nutrition plans, exercise routines, educational materials, and a support team ALL play key roles in your continued success. It may take a while for you to figure out YOUR health and fitness “secret recipe” , and a few decisions might even flop – But that is OK! (Remember there are no “FAILURES” – only LESSONS learned! 😉 )


The KEY is that you are always making your OWN decisions aimed to propel you closer to your desired health and fitness goals, and not just following around what others are doing.


In other words…



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