What’s sad (and extremely frustrating) is that there are SO many programs and products out there today that STILL make bogus promises like this.  It’s truly an insult to the fitness industry AND to you!  They prey on the “American way” of wanting things here and now.  They also give you hope of results that are either completely unrealistic, set you up for disaster later, OR even cause serious harm to your body!

When you jump on these crazy fads like juicing every day, drinking 90% of your calories in “meal replacers”, or some ridiculous 7day/week high intensity training program, you are putting your body at serious risk.  You can deprive your body of crucial nutrients AND risk injury with over-training.  To top that off, your energy will plummet and you’ll probably feel like a zombie those entire 30 days.  Sure you may lose some pretty serious pounds (probably not 30), but you and I both know you can’t (and shouldn’t) continue to live like that.

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This is where the trouble REALLY starts.  As soon as you go back to “real life” after one of these “magic results” plans, you’ll put ALL of the weight back on you suffered those entire 30 days to lose (possibly even a little more).  Plus you set yourself up for a longer, harder road next time!  So REALLY what these headlines should read is…

“Feel like crap, Lose 30 Pounds, Put it ALL back on, and Have to Work Twice as Hard Next Time!”

…  Not quite as catchy huh?

So let’s talk SUSTAINABLE weight-loss.  What IS realistic?

For the average personal trying to lose weight, a solid, realistic goal to aim for is 1-2 pounds per week.  Those who are just starting and are working towards extreme weight loss may see numbers as high as 3 pounds in a week for a while, but eventually this will slow down (which is totally OK!).

More importantly, the goal should be to implement a routine (with nutrition AND exercise) that you can sustain easily even AFTER you’ve lost the weight.  While nutrition is always #1, and plans generally have to be customized, a sustainable workout routine would be something like:

  • 2-3 days of strength training
  • 1-2 days of metabolic training
  • DAILY MOVEMENT on “off” days (walking/swimming/golf/tennis/etc…)

You shouldn’t feel miserable, deprived, or hurting all the time either!   Sure it’s OK to be sore, but after the initial couple weeks your energy should IMPROVE.  If not, then adjustments need to be made!

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More importantly, as long as you stick with the right plan, you WILL steadily drop the weight, KEEP it off, and finally be able to throw away your “fat jeans” for good! 🙂

So do me (and yourself) a favor, don’t fall for the gimmicks, fads, and programs that seem too good to be true, because they ARE!





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