“If you BELIEVE – You can achieve!”


“You can be ANYTHING you want to be – Just BELIEVE!”


Remember hearing something like this as a kid?  Feeling as if you could conquer the world by simply BELIEVING that you could?


However, it seems as we grow older we establish more beliefs that hold us BACK than propel us FORWARD.


These are “self-limiting” beliefs.


Gandhi says“Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny.”


I’ll give you a personal example of one of MY biggest self-limiting beliefs I’ve had to work through…



When I decided to step in to business ownership (at the time with a 6 month old) I had unknowingly established the limiting belief that achieving substantial business success meant I would be LESS of a “mom”. In other words, I felt that the only way to be successful meant that I would be over-worked, over-tired, and constantly regretful of the time I spent away from my son.


Although I knew I WANTED to grow, this limiting belief was actually steering the direction of my business behind the scenes. I was in a constant limbo between pushing hard and then retreating with fears that I was going to endanger my role as “mom”.


However, as time passed I knew and realized that this was neither my purpose, nor the reason I was given this opportunity. I’ve worked hard to re-establish NEW beliefs, and continue to do so. My beliefs now rest in that the success of my business will only act as a positive example AND provide a better future in which my son (and future children) can thrive. I also believe that our club is meant to change lives, and that we are only serving our purpose to its fullest if we continue to reach further in to our community.


These beliefs (combined with amazing support both inside and outside of the club) have begun to churn the wheel for continued steady growth in our business, and aggressive visions for the future of what FFC is capable of becoming. (PLUS I’m still “mom-ing” every day of my life, and loving it. :-D)



The reason I tell you this story is because I want you to see that this isn’t just some “crappy self-help book mumbo jumbo”.


If self-limiting beliefs by one person can hold back the progression of an entire business, then they certainly can hold you back from health and fitness success!


First, take inventory of YOUR current beliefs – brutal honesty here is essential.


Do you TRULY believe you can achieve the physique you’d like to have?… Complete the race you’ve always wanted to? …Stop feeling achy and tired all the time?


Or is there an underlying belief that you’ll always be over-weight because everyone else in your family is? … That your “destined” to have to endure multiple surgeries/joint replacements because both your dad AND granddad did?…That you’ll never feel energetic like you use to 10, 20, 30 years ago?


You first MUST address your self-limiting beliefs, or you will continually work AGAINST yourself. You cannot expect any changes you make to stick, or hold up against obstacles that arise if your head and heart are not on board.


Although I’m not here to present you with a 500 page novel on “how to” change your beliefs, I do want you to leave you with this…


You are NOT stuck with your self-limiting beliefs, or doomed to be snuffed out and held back because of them. You CAN re-write your beliefs, but must be willing to invest in yourself to do so.


The results of your efforts can truly alter the course of your life!


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