What is the right nutrition plan for me? I tried this new nutrition program what do you think? What do you think of paleo? What do you think of vegan? I am vegan what do you do?

Without a doubt the #1 question I get is always related to nutrition. It’s ironic because it is also the thing people don’t do consistently. I think if there was one way to eat it would be much easier. There isn’t and I don’t think there ever will be.

The interesting thing is that research has come a long way and opened up the doors for different methods. An easy example would be nutritional ketosis. Once taboo now has proven health benefits from fat loss, improving blood parameters, and helping with epileptic seizures.

Am I suggesting you should be on a ketogenic diet? No I am not but I am not saying you shouldn’t either.

I have never been dogmatic in my approach to nutrition. I honestly think any type of eating can work if you feel good, can stick to it and enjoy it.

Even the academics can’t agree anymore. In the world of academics there was a pretty much universal way of eating that was recommended. With new research and methods the amount of fighting going on in these circles is comical. It is professor vs. professor. The even harder thing is both sides have supporting data for each of their points.

I don’t think there is a right answer, but if you are overweight, feel like crap, and have no energy you are on the wrong plan.

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