When it comes to weight loss and fitness goals everybody has good INTENTIONS right?

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You set this killer goal, get super pumped up, you start hitting the gym hard, you quick drinking, and you swear to yourself only healthy food from here on.  You start the weak off strong, but then Friday rolls around and you’re feeling that fire dwindle down to a single struggling flame. It’s been a brutal week at work, you’ve ran out of pre-prepped food or healthy options in the house, and happy hour beer and wings is calling your name.  You have a quick mental battle with yourself about not blowing your results this week, but you’re too “done” to think anymore so you say “F-it” and head to the bar.

Sound familiar?
Maybe it’s not happy hour…Maybe yet again you have company staying in town, and you don’t want to be the “odd man out”, so you go to town on appetizers and drinks because everyone else is.

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OR, maybe it’s a daily struggle…You wake up early 100% dedicated, and laser focused that not a single “cheat” will make it’s way in. BUT by 7pm, you’re at about 5% and those pastries in the pantry are doing their best to lure you in to their sugary cheat-filled ways.


Don’t feel bad if you’ve been here before. You’re human. Despite our best efforts, “will power” has an extremely short lifespan.  Whether you’re just beginning or right in the middle of a weight loss plan, it is simply NOT realistic to count on yourself to be 100% compliant on your own.
If this were the case, you wouldn’t really need to start a “weight loss journey” would you?
Your best bet is to put in to place some “fail safes” to prevent you from blowing it when you reach those. Inevitable moments of weakness. 
Try these out:

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1) Get Accountable to somebody else other than yourself.  A trainer, your spouse, your BFF, a gym buddy, or anybody you know will always have your back when you need them.  Ideally someone you can text/call IN those moments of weakness to help steer you back on track.  Tell them upfront exactly what your goals are, and the parameters you have set for yourself.  While the responsibility of your success is still on YOU, your accountability partner is there to prevent you from “self-sabotaging” by talking yourself out of workouts or IN to poor food choices.


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2) PLAN and BACK-UP plan.  Plan your food, plan your workouts, plan your daily movement.  The busier you are the more critical a SPECIFIC plan for every aspect of your health and fitness routine is going to be. Yes the first few weeks of planning may seem daunting AND time consuming, but once you find your “routine” the planning will become very minimal. However, it is extremely difficult to achieve weight loss success with spontaneous choices – It simply will not work.   With food it’s a good idea to have your plan for the week, but also some “back up” plans for when life throws a curve ball.  For example, a client of mine did some research and together we decided on a “best choice” meal at Panera for days they have spontaneous business meeting. Smart!!  Keeping healthy “back up snacks” at the office for days you are stuck late or forget to bring snacks along is a great idea too!


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 3. You can’t eat it if it’s not around.  Get ALL of the junk out of your house (cereals, sugary foods, chips, crackers, soda, and any other foods you fall victim too when you’re feeling weak – Including liquor!)  Yes you may get some whining from other members in the household, but is this really what you want the people you love the most to be eating?  If it’s not “clean” enough for you, it’s certainly not “clean” enough for them either!  Stock up on healthy snacks that everyone in the house will enjoy (fruit, veggies and hummus/guac, yogurt, nuts).  There are TONS of fun snacks recipes/ideas available online.      Your kitchen is your “home base”, and what you keep stocked here will have an enormous influence on your success or failure.

Hope these tips help!
Let us know if you have any questions!
Dedicated to your success,
P.S. If you don’t already have an accountability partner or trainer already, we would love to help you achieve success!  Please give us a call at 239-596-6200 or respond back to this email for information about our trial programs!
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