It’s only now once

Hey!   Check out this quote…   “Stop measuring days by degree of productivity and start experiencing by degree of presence.” – Alan Watts   Sue (one of our amazing trainers, if you don’t already know her! 😉) shared this quote with me last week, and it... read more


Hey!   Hopefully you were able to catch my last message about “Choosing Health, Not Fear”! We are laser focused on this theme at FFC throughout the remainder of this year, as I believe it is absolutely imperative that this “re-direct” HAS to happen (you can check... read more

Choose HEALTH, not FEAR

“Choose HEALTH, not FEAR” I’ve decided to embrace this theme for FFC for the remainder of 2021, because it is absolutely CRITICAL in these crazy times. Of course we ALL know the status of Covid, its numerous seemingly resistance variants, and the... read more

Smart Shoulder Training

Hey!   Quick tip for you today about training SHOULDERS!   Living in Florida “tank top” season is basically EVERY season (unless there is a cold front).  SO, who doesn’t want to have nice tone shoulders to rock all year long?!   While strength training... read more

Calorie Counting – Too Much? Too Little?

Hey!! So I believe most people have the basic understanding that over-eating can lead to weight gain, or at the very least prevent weight loss from occurring. I’m sure you’ve also heard something along the lines of “burn more calories than you consume” and you will... read more

A Vital Exercise (and most people do it wrong!)

Hey! For August I wanted to highlight what I feel is one of the most critical upper body exercises to include in a strength training program – FACEPULLS! The name might sound silly to you if you are not familiar with strength and resistance training, but I can assure... read more

Cardio or Weights – Which Comes First?

Here’s an oldie but a goodie…   Should you do cardio BEFORE you lift?   If you’ve been following our blogs for a while then you probably know by now that I put traditional cardio down the list below strength training, metabolic training, AND nutrition when... read more

Win More – Hurt Less!

Right behind weight loss/body composition change, the SECOND most popular question we get regarding fitness related goals is:   “What exercises should I do to get better at (insert sport of choice)”   Whether it’s tennis, golf, running, biking, baseball,... read more

Best Fat Loss Exercises?

This is by far the MOST asked question I get this time of the year…   Q: What exercises should I do to lose weight (get lean…lose belly fat…etc.)?   However, my answer to this question is usually not exactly what they are looking for…   A: There are no... read more

I just can’t…

Do you ever wake up in the morning feeling like that… “I just CAN’T?”   …Especially when it’s your morning to hit the gym?   Or maybe when you get off from a long, stressful day at work?   Does the gym literally sound like the LAST place you would... read more

The Most Wonderful Time…to Stress?!

So we are officially in the “heat” of holiday season – The MOST wonderful time of the year!!   Families gather from around the country (and beyond)…   Much needed vacation time from work…   Decorations, lights and holiday music everywhere you turn…... read more

So what do YOU believe?

“If you BELIEVE – You can achieve!”   “You can be ANYTHING you want to be – Just BELIEVE!”   Remember hearing something like this as a kid?  Feeling as if you could conquer the world by simply BELIEVING that you could?... read more


This morning I was actually working my way through some notes I took at my last business conference, and the one I took below from our fearless leader Pat Rigsby really stuck out to me.     “Leaders Make Decisions”   No he’s not the first person to ever... read more

Strength Training: TOP SECRETS

Hey there!   Want to know HOW to maximize the results you achieve while strength training?   OK, so maybe these aren’t necessarily “top secret” tips I’m releasing from deep down in the Personal Trainer’s Vault…But they are Florida Fitness Coaches’ TOP... read more

Stretching: “Do’s” and “Don’ts”

Quick question…How often do you stretch?   If you stretch DAILY – way to go!! I would argue that you have made an excellent habit that only a small percentage of the population follows through with on a daily basis. My next question is… Are you... read more

Is your focus holding you back?

So this morning I was listening to a podcast that brought up a concept that really got my gears churning.The Podcast I was listening to is called “Morning Motivation”. I jump around with podcast topics, but always try to focus on trying to get one solid take-away from... read more

Benefits of Strength Training w/ Arthritis

Oh the “A” word….   Aching…Awful….Annoying… ARTHRITIS!!   Lately is seems like this has been a HOT topic in the club, as we have quite a few amazing clients in our “fit-family” that unfortunately have to deal with some form of arthritis on a daily basis.... read more