So what do YOU believe?

“If you BELIEVE – You can achieve!”   “You can be ANYTHING you want to be – Just BELIEVE!”   Remember hearing something like this as a kid?  Feeling as if you could conquer the world by simply BELIEVING that you could?... read more


This morning I was actually working my way through some notes I took at my last business conference, and the one I took below from our fearless leader Pat Rigsby really stuck out to me.     “Leaders Make Decisions”   No he’s not the first person to ever... read more

Strength Training: TOP SECRETS

Hey there!   Want to know HOW to maximize the results you achieve while strength training?   OK, so maybe these aren’t necessarily “top secret” tips I’m releasing from deep down in the Personal Trainer’s Vault…But they are Florida Fitness Coaches’ TOP... read more

Stretching: “Do’s” and “Don’ts”

Quick question…How often do you stretch?   If you stretch DAILY – way to go!! I would argue that you have made an excellent habit that only a small percentage of the population follows through with on a daily basis. My next question is… Are you... read more

Is your focus holding you back?

So this morning I was listening to a podcast that brought up a concept that really got my gears churning.The Podcast I was listening to is called “Morning Motivation”. I jump around with podcast topics, but always try to focus on trying to get one solid take-away from... read more

Benefits of Strength Training w/ Arthritis

Oh the “A” word….   Aching…Awful….Annoying… ARTHRITIS!!   Lately is seems like this has been a HOT topic in the club, as we have quite a few amazing clients in our “fit-family” that unfortunately have to deal with some form of arthritis on a daily basis.... read more

Shoes for Running vs. Weight-Lifting

Quick question for you…   Are you wearing the same shoes you walk/run in to lift weights at the gym?   If the answer is yes, then you might be doing more harm than good!   This topic comes up quite a bit in the gym, so I wanted to send out a quick “PSA”... read more

Low Risk – HIGH Return (Who wouldn’t want this?!)

Over the years I have worked as a personal trainer/fitness coach, I have been blessed to have the opportunity to work with quite a few business experts and “finance-savvy” individuals in the club.   I also consider myself a “life-time learner”, and will take any... read more

Post-workout Nutrition (Naples Personal Training)

Quick question for you, what do you do for nutrition post-workout? If the answer is “nothing”, a piece of fruit, or you just wait to eat at your next meal …then this message is important for you! When you exercise, especially strength training, what you are... read more

Foam Rolling 101 (Naples Personal Training)

While some of you I know are pretty religious about foam rolling daily, I know there are plenty others who are still a bit “in the dark” as far as the “why’s” and “how-to’s” of foam rolling. Once only a technique used by physical therapists, athletic trainers, and... read more

When you’re feeling weak…

When it comes to weight loss and fitness goals everybody has good INTENTIONS right? You set this killer goal, get super pumped up, you start hitting the gym hard, you quick drinking, and you swear to yourself only healthy food from here on.  You start the weak off... read more

Don’t Make Resolutions.

Hey friend!     Well, it’s official…We are in the final countdown to 2018!   Only six days until a NEW year, a FRESH start!     Want my advice? Don’t make resolutions like everyone else. Why?  Because, based off of statistics the odds of following through with a... read more

Charity Holiday Toy Drive!

Greetings! How would you like to bring a smile to a child in need this holiday season? Well here’s your chance! FFC is teaming up with the U.S. Marine Corps starting December 1st, and will be collecting toys to be distributed to less fortunate children for Christmas.... read more

Post-Turkey Day Planning & Shopping

 Hey there! We hope you had a GREAT Thanksgiving, enjoying good food, family, friends AND fun!  While the FUN never really has to stop 🙂 , you DO need to get your food back on track if you haven’t already. The best way to make sure you’re back on track is to PLAN.... read more

Last Minute Thanksgiving Survival Tips!

Tomorrow is the big day! Can you believe how quickly Thanksgiving has snuck up on us?! While many of your houses are filling up with guests, you battle through the crazy mobs at the grocery stores, and you hustle to get ahead with “to-do’s” at work, it can be very... read more

DRINK to lose weight!

Ok so maybe it’s not the kind of drink you want to have…BUT, there is one drink that has been scientifically proven to help drop unwanted body fat. WATER! I know I know, you’ve heard it 100 times (or maybe not), but I’m going to tell you this AGAIN… You should be... read more

Guilty of self-sabotage?

I’ve been doing quite a bit of thinking about some of the responses I’ve heard regarding the upcoming weight loss challenge we’re holding, and it’s really brought me back to the critical importance if mindset… While we already have some AWESOME teams signed up,... read more